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    Unhappy 1 Dead after Fire Truck and Cars Collide

    1 Dead after Fire Truck and Cars Collide

    Providence- A mother has died and her four children are seriously injured after a collision with a fire truck today in Providence.

    The accident also sent four firefighters to the hospital.

    Karen Southern, the spokeswoman for the city's mayor, says the accident occurred at 12:18 p-m at the intersection of Elmwood Avenue and Greenwich Street.

    She says the mother was in a van with her children. The family and the firefighters were rushed to Rhode Island Hospital where the mother was pronounced dead.

    The children ranged in age from 10 to 16. No further information on identities was available.

    A third vehicle was involved, but there were NO injuries.

    An investigation is underway.
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    This is starting to get old.

    Without making any speculation into who was at fault and who should have done this and that, the first thing I want to know is SEATBELTS and how many weren't wearing them in any of the vehicles.
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    Very good question, nmfire.........

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    Unhappy It Sure Is..................

    Originally posted by nmfire
    This is starting to get old.
    Getting too old, Bro. I agree, there are entirely too many of these stories out there. I'm wondering if the winter weather is part of the problem. Windows up tight, frost or ice on windows, people (Drivers) bundled up. I've seen drivers here wearing earmuffs, which certainly cuts your hearing of audible warning devices. Stay Safe....
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    Default Re: It Sure Is..................

    Originally posted by hwoods
    Windows up tight, frost or ice on windows, people (Drivers) bundled up. I've seen drivers here wearing earmuffs, which certainly cuts your hearing of audible warning devices. Stay Safe....
    interesting comment about this. about a month ago, on a cold, snowy syracuse night, I was driving down a 4 lane road, and I spotted an ambulance several blocks behind me. i cracked open my window, and planned on yielding when I heard the siren from the ambulance and as it got closer to me.

    much to my surprise, even with the window open, i didn't hear the siren until the ambulance was right on top of me. I pulled over and it passed.

    i don't know if it is because didn't have it's siren on the entire time, or if the siren just didn't penetrate my slightly open window (it was snowing and chilly), but sometimes it's not just earmuffs that prevent a driver from hearing an audible warning device.
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    From footage on the 11 o'clock local news, it looks like Tower Ladder 2 (Mack/Baker Aerialscope, not sure on the year but sometimes in the 80's) responding to a reported structure fire hit a late-model Volvo station wagon on the driver's side and spun it around. The entire side of the Vovlo was destroyed, and it may have been an entrapment situation since Providence's heavy rescue was onscene with the Jaws side facing the Volvo's driver's side.

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    Ok, got some errors to correct:

    1) It was Engine 8, not Tower 2. Right station, wrong truck (besides, two Macks from head-on look pretty much the same, which is the view the TV news gave me).

    2) It was a minivan that got hit, not a Volvo.


    Woman killed, 4 children hurt as fire engine, hits minivan

    Engine 8 was on its way to a report of a house fire; the report turned out to be a false alarm.

    01:00 AM EST on Sunday, January 11, 2004

    Journal Staff Writers

    PROVIDENCE -- A 38,000-pound fire engine, responding to a report of a house fire yesterday, slammed into a minivan passing through an Elmwood intersection, killing the 36-year-old Providence woman who was driving, and injuring four of her children.

    Her two daughters, ages 16 and 10, and two sons, ages 13 and 12, were being treated last night at Hasbro Children's Hospital, the police said.

    The four firefighters riding in Engine 8, out of the Messer Street station, were taken to Rhode Island Hospital and were later released, said acting Fire Chief Gary Mulcahy.

    In an afternoon news conference at the Public Safety Building, Mayor David N. Cicilline wouldn't release the names of those involved in the accident, which occured at the intersection of Elmwood Avenue and Greenwich Street around 12:19 p.m. A spokeswoman at Hasbro Children's Hospital would give no information about the children's conditions last night.

    Cicilline described the accident, now under investigation, as a "terrible tragedy." He said he had met with the family of the dead woman to extend his and the city's condolences.

    The fire engine was responding to a call of a house fire at the corner of Mitchell and Niagara Streets, Mulcahy said. A caller had reported seeing sparks coming from an electric meter attached to a house. The "sparks" turned out to be the sun's reflection, Mulcahy said.

    The fire engine had left the Messer Street station and was heading south on Elmwood Avenue with its lights and sirens on when it collided with the minivan crossing from Greenwich Street, Detective Maj. Paul Kennedy said. The engine hit the driver's side of the minivan in the middle of the intersection, also striking another car, he said.

    The other firefighters who'd been on their way to the call of the house fire were called off, and they headed to the accident, Mulcahy said.

    The woman's family is from the neighborhood, the police confirmed. The intersection, which has a traffic light, is flanked by the large brick church of the Providence Assembly of God, two parking lots and the New Battambang Market on Elmwood Avenue.

    People in the market and the nearby Apsara Asian restaurant say they only saw the aftermath of the accident: the sudden convergence of fire trucks, ambulances and police. Broken glass still littered the corners of the intersection last night.

    Mulcahy said that, while Providence firefighters respond to more than 46,000 calls a year, accidents are rare.

    "I don't remember one this serious in my career and I'm in my 30th year," Mulcahy said.

    The Fire Department called in a critical-incident stress debriefing team to talk with the firefighters who handled the accident, Mulcahy said.

    Mulcahy said Engine 8 had been taken out of service, as part of the city's investigation of the accident. Part of that investigation will likely involve a mechanical inspection of the fire engine.

    The third vehicle involved in the accident had minor damage. The driver wasn't injured, Kennedy said.


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    The acoustics when it is snowing or when the ground and roads are snow covered are4e radically different than when it is dry. The surfaces the sound waves are reflecting off of do not allow for as much distance. Civilian drivers do not know this, so the emergency driver must know this.

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    I am always sorry to hear about these incidents ................but it does get old as I am sure the regular 3 factors reared their ugly heads here:
    1)Someone ran a red light
    2)Didnt have on a seatbelt
    3)The "John Q Public" driver wasnt watching for the big red truck.
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    Default Providence Accident Victim Was a "Good mom"

    Journal Staff Writer

    PROVIDENCE -- Four children remain hospitalized, two in critical condition, after their van collided Saturday with a city fire engine. Their mother was killed in the crash.

    Carol A. Walker, 36, a mother of seven, died after the fire engine heading to a report of a house fire collided with her Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan at a South Side intersection a short distance from her home.

    Two daughters, Elizabeth Cable, 16, and Carol Cable, 10, are in critical condition at Hasbro Children's Hospital. Two of her sons, Homer Cable, 13, and Jonathan Cable, 12, are in good condition.

    Walker is survived by a husband, Homer Lee Walker, and two other sons, Edward Cable and Joshua Cole, and a daughter, Ronnetta Cole.

    Yesterday, a friend who heard the crash while she was doing her laundry on Elmwood Avenue described Walker as a "good mom, a church-going lady" who lived for her children.

    "I loved her. Everyone loved her," said Paula, who didn't want her last name used. "She was always helping people out, always volunteering at the church."

    Across the street from Walker's home is the family's place of worship, the Faith and Hope Baptist Church, which will hold the funeral service for Walker on Thursday. "They're members of our church, and we love them dearly," said Bill Jones as he walked up the church steps yesterday.

    Paula said Walker had three hobbies: her children, her church and fishing. Her favorite pastime? "Quality time with her kids," Paula said. "Taking them to the park, that kind of thing."

    Walker, Paula said, was a cautious driver who always pulled over when a fire engine approached and insisted that her children wear their seat belts.

    The police said the only person in Walker's van believed to have been wearing a seat belt was Jonathan, seated in the van's middle row on the driver's side.

    See a graphic showing the accident scene.

    "The truth is, the day she got into that accident, there were no sirens," she said. "I was a block away, at the Laundromat on Elmwood Avenue. I heard a big crash. I didn't know it was Carol until later that day."

    Handmade paper snowmen decorated the windows of the family's small green house on Stanwood Street in the Elmwood neighborhood. Light snow covered the untrodden walkway.

    Yesterday, school officials and students were discussing setting up a fund for the family, said Maria Tocco, a spokeswoman for the School Department. Three of the four children are in the public schools: Elizabeth is a ninth grader at the Alternative Learning Project; Jonathan is a seventh grader at Bridgham Middle School; and Carol is in the fifth grade at Mandela Woods Elementary School.

    The accident occurred only a few blocks from where the fire engine was heading for a report of a house fire.

    Engine 8, a 1987 Mack fire engine nicknamed the "Screaming Eagles," runs out of the Messer Street fire station, one of the busiest stations in the city. The four firefighters who were on board are all department veterans, according to city records.

    The call rang out at about 12:19 p.m. for a report of a fire at Niagara and Mitchell Streets.

    Firefighter Stephen Boehm, a 15-year veteran, was the driver, according to the police accident report. The company's leader, Lt. James Gallant, a 20-year firefighter, took the seat beside him, the report said. Firefighters Craig Grantham and William Robert sat behind them, according to the police.

    The police said the engine's lights and sirens were operating as it headed south on Elmwood Avenue and reached the intersection at Greenwich Street -- where Walker and her family were riding in their minivan. There are traffic signals at the intersection, although the police report doesn't indicate which street had the green light.

    As the minivan entered the intersection, the fire engine slammed into its driver's side, sending the minivan spinning, the police said. The minivan crashed into another car that was stopped in the northbound side of Elmwood Avenue, and jolted to a stop, the police said.

    The crash flung Elizabeth out of the minivan onto the sidewalk; her sister Carol was thrown into a back seat, the police said. The two brothers were injured. Their mother was pronounced dead at Rhode Island Hospital.

    Another fire truck behind the fire engine stopped to help. The other firefighters who'd been on their way to the house fire had turned instead to the accident and worked to extricate and rescue the family and their fellow firefighters. The driver of the other car was not injured.

    The firefighters were treated and released from the hospital. They were unhurt, their fire chief said later that day, but they were devastated by the accident.

    And the fire that Engine 8 had been rushing to turned out to be unfounded. The caller had mistaken sunlight glinting off an electric meter for sparks.

    With staff reports from Linda Borg

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