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    Default Ride tailboard!!

    If your particular county administration happens to give you a difficult time about replacing ancient engines, consider doing what we've done...submit a request to your admin to re-instate allowing firefighters to ride tailboard, as the open doghouse compartments aren't much safer than riding tailboard.

    Our department's 1984 E-one Hurricane has the old style open doghouses on each side of the engine...consequently, if it ever flips to one side or the other, there will very likely be one squooshed firefighter underneath the engine. I'd personally rather take my chances on the tailboard than get flattened like a pancake with no chance of escape. Granted I'm one of those old geezers from the 80's before the rules about not riding tailboard came into effect and have experienced the joy of the tailboard ride...and yeah, I've had to jump into the hosebed once to avoid a moron who didn't notice the apparatus had come top a stop...but riding tailboard isn't any more hazardous than riding a motorcycle, so why not??

    Strangely enough, shortly after that letter hit our local newspaper...we were offered a much newer 1996 enclosed pumper, delivery to be taken Feb 1. 2004 Unfortunately, I also got my butt chewed by the Chief for being "an uppity ole cuss" Ah, well, whatever works

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    So what does this have to do with the FIRE Act grants?

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