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    Default Alcohols and high expansion foam?

    Hello all,

    I need to find an appropriate fire suppression system for a hazardous waste transfer station. Our wonderful building will house materials from all 9 dangerous goods classes including radioactives and limited amounts of explosive materials.

    I have a bit of a connundrum. A local fire supplier has told me that ansul has high expansion foam that is compatible with polar solvents (alcohols) but that it in fact isn't really. He is trying to sell us on the idea of a low expansion foam system instead. I get a warm fuzzy feeling from the idea of a building filled to the rafters with high expansion foam that would give us some time to come up with a game plan. But I don't want to get a feel good system if it doesn't work - I'm a firefighter not a politician...lol

    I would be interested in anything anyone may have in the way of information. What other facilities use or ideally someone who has experience with one of these systems actually dumping and putting out the fire (or not).
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    Post multi class fire suppresing agent

    I would suggest you go to the following web site:
    They make a product called COLD FIRE. It works on Class A,B,and D out of the hose, and Class C and K using fine mist applicators. COLD FIRE will work on polar and non-polar liquids. Check them out, request some info and see what you think.
    The fire brigade I am on has been using it for years and we are very pleased with it. I do beleive they also have sprinkler set ups available, too.

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