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    Question How to sell a Quint to the Community

    Fellow Firefighter/Planners,

    We're in the process of working toward a Capital Plan that would give us Quint capabilities. Single biggest problem here is the town fathers do not want to hear anything about a ladder turck. Never had one so we must not need on (right?). We'd like to replace one of our engines with a quint in the near furture. Any great ways to convince these people that just don't want to listen. Little background info to make the argument a bit better. Population: 5,100. 57 square miles, Both rural/urban. Encompass a paid city department with 20+ year old 100 ft. with 250lbs tip rating (crew of two). We have it all: Industry, Manufacturing, Commercial, auto dealerships, chain restruants, Major Interstate, Assisted caring living (3 story), 3 story hotel, Highest building 44 feet.

    Give me the arguments that have worked for you.

    ISO says Town requires:
    2 engines (2750 gpm total)
    2 ladders/service

    Any thoughts will help


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    We basically gave them the low down .
    Cost to the residents if the city had this truck vs cost if we didnt .

    Insurance rates would have jumped up big time .
    We are currently a class 5 and have been for some time but in 98 the rating people came in and said "wheres your ladder and additional engine ?"
    They were going to drop us to a 7 which would have meant a big jump in premiums for the homeowners of town .

    IMO if you have any buildings 3 storys or larger or even single story buildings that cover a large area you need a ladder rig .
    In your case it sounds like a 75 foot stick with a 1250 or 1500 gpm will serve your area well .

    With the paid staff of the dept busting their rears with commercial, industrial and school insepections as well as hydrant and water system testing we might be going down to a 4 soon .

    current GPM for our engines is right at 6750gpm
    The citys water system is capable of providing 16000 gpm from 4 wells
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    Yes, you can always try the ISO angle. The other idea is to perhaps set your sites a little lower this time around and go for a tele-squirt. Of course it's not as capable as a full size aerial, but it would be a start, and by showing the advantages of an aerial (and the limitations of a tele-squirt) you can get them to buy full size down the road.


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    Just got the blessing from the town fathers now waiting for budget comm and town meeting. Put togehter a really good power point pres with pictures of current apparatus and also what we where looking to buy so there where no questions, also a bunch of pictures of buildings in town that it would be needed, now when they say why, you can show them. Also put pictures of our ladder and others at work to show how they operate, mnost people don't know till they see it, also spoke of the finances.
    I work and live in a town of 3200 people with commercial and residential and assisted living ect. Now have a 1972 Mid Mount LaFrance with 250 tip also. Have a F-350 Utility that we call a rescue and a foresrty that is oos. Our big selling point was to combine all this equipment. Quint with vehicle extrication and other light rescue equipment, F-350 would get the box taken off and flat bed with skid tank put on, then sell the oos forestry. Don't know if this helps but if you have any more info feel free to e-mail me @ engco2lt@yahoo.com I'm just over the boarder in NH.

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