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    Question Part time firefighters

    does anyone know anything about a rule limiting part time firefighters to 1500 hours per year?....i have looked in the ORC and the OAC and OP&F, FLSA wage and hour, no one seems to know anything about it. we have a problem at my dept. with part time being disciplined for going over 1500 hrs a year, the previous dept. i worked for had no such rule you signed a waiver of benefits for part time and you could work 48 hours a week, my current dept. says 52 per week or 124 a month, which stays below the supposed rule of 1500 hours per year, i want to try and change it to 36 per yeek or 132 a month, it will put us over the 1500 but if i can find where the rule doesnt exist i may get it passed. if any one can help i would sure appreciate it!!!!!!
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    I vaguely remember our chief saying something about max hours per week when we started our part time program, but I don't remember what the number of hours was or if it was a federal, state, or city rule.

    However, there is a FD in this area that has part-time personnel and they work different schedules. They have an A B C shift like a full-time FD on 24-48 shifts. Most of their part-time personnel work 6am-6pm on their shift (either A B or C). Plus these people also pick up a lot of overtime either on their off days or from 6p-12a, or from 12a-6a. I know they have people who are working more than 1500 hours per year, but I'm not sure whose rule it is.

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    What is the issue with your department? Are they concerned with owing the part-timers benefits or something else.

    At our department the part-timers are allowed to work 84 hours per pay (average 42 hours per week). We don't seem to have an issue and they aren't paid any benefits.
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    I haven't heard of anything....but I'll ask around.
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    Default 1500 hour Rule

    The references I've heard are that if you excede 1500 hours within a given calendar year, you are considered a full-time employee and your employer is required to provide benefits. The source cited was Federal wage & hour rules. Most departments in SW Ohio limit their part-timers to 1500 hours within a given year. It tends to lead to many open shifts and manditory overtime for their full-timers in December.
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