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    Default A Joke for my Illinois Brothers & Sisiters

    Hung Chow calls in to work and says:
    "Hey, boss not come work today, I really sick. I got headache,
    stomachache and my legs hurt. I not come work."
    The boss says, "You know Hung Chow, I really need
    you today. When I feel sick I go to my wife and tell
    her 'give me sex'. That makes everything better and I
    go work. You try that."
    Two hours later Hung Chow calls again:
    "Boss, I do what you say and I feel great. I be at work soon. You
    got nice house".

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    Default Truck 32

    I saw your rig on the news at the building collapse today.

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    That's a good one.
    Jack Boczek, Chief
    Ashley Community Fire Protection District


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    Thats funny. I got one

    A cop pulls over a blonde. He goes up to the car and asks "License and Registration please", the blonde gives the cop her license. While reaching for her what she thinks is her registration she asks "officer is that the the piece of paper that comes with your vehicle"?. He answers "yes" and she hands it to him. He goes back to his car for a few minutes. He comes back and hands the blonde her license and registraion back. At the same time he unzips his pants and sets his dick on the car window ledge and when blonde turns back around she says "OH GOD!!!, not another breathalyzer test". I heard this one at the firehouse when I was at a call back lastnight thought I would share it.
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