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    Default question about movies?

    I know that the film Ladder 49 will be released oct 04, is there another movie in production now, I think it is called truck 44 or something like that, Havent heard alot on it, The only thing I have heard is that after 9/11 production was stopped and has now restarted?

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    I believe this has been discussed on here before. That movie was halted, I believe, in part because it has a negative connotation towards firefighters. I believe it was supposed to be based in NY and was about some FFs who rob a bank or something. There was talk of them switching it to Miami area, but I'm not exactly sure, so don't quote me. You can do a search on the internet about it, because I know I've seen it before. It gives the plot and also discusses why it hasn't progressed.......

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    truck 44

    hope this helps
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    Truck 44 sounds like a great movie for promoting fire fighitng, NOT. I hope this movie doesnt portray ff`s too bad. I havent seen it or read the entire screenplay. Will have to wait untill it comes out. Ladder 49 should kick the **** out of this movie in actual reality!

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