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    Question Mapping/Site Plans

    Every FD in the world has some method of navigating at
    a emergency scene when they arrive. My dept uses what we
    refer to as complex cards. They are site and floor plans
    of hospitals, apartments, schools, etc. We use a software
    and draw our own cards.
    What do you use/do? I'm trying to compile this information
    and willing to share it with others. I'm trying to find a
    software program which is fire dept friendly.
    Gerry Fogel
    Complex Card Division
    510-791-4165 Office
    510-791-4307 Fire Station 7
    510-791-4292 Dispatch

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    Default Pre-Plan/Site Maps

    I am a Firemarshal in NJ and we use a software package called emergency software products, they have a pre-plan package that takes all of our building information and floor plans and puts it into a Fire Department Pre-Plan format. The software then is loaded on to lap top computer and the Fire Department can get updated data right on the scene. The software is also network to our dispatch center and they can veiw the information or print directly to the firehouse. This information is update by the fire prevention bureau as they make inspections on the properties.

    Youy can visit their site at:


    If you wouls like to talk to me about this you can contact me at:


    William Smith
    Fire Marshal
    Township of Fairfield
    230 Fairfield ROad
    Fairfield, New Jersey 07004

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    Default Mapping / Site plans

    We use a program called "Remote Access" by a company Group 1 inc. Really nice program for viewing maps and preplans photos videos etc.

    Group 1

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