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    Question Turning Engine into Squad?

    Just wanted to ask my fellow brothers out there what are their feelings on a Squad engine? We are a two engine fire co. and looking to transform one engine into a Squad. What are some things that we need to do to become a Squad and what do you need to specialize in? I would appreciate any information you could give me or any sites that you could guide me too. Thank you and Be Safe!!

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    Hard to say without knowing what squads carry in your area. Here, squads are required to provide scba re-supply, exterior and interior lighting, electric power and vent fans. Most also carry extrication equipment.

    One local department converted a reserve pumper into a squad a couple years ago. They mounted 6000psi air bottles in the hose bed along with a large diesel generator. The removed the ladders and mounted spare scba bottles where the ladders had been. On the other side they removed the hard suction and mounted a bunch of 5 gal foam buckets. They added a bolt on light tower, some electric cord reels and portable lights, saws and fans. They left intact the two crosslay preconnects, the pump and tank so it could still provide fire attack if needed. It was a nice set up.

    Hope that helps.

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    a lot of it depends on your definition of a squad. an FDNY squad is an engine company that has all the tools and training as a truck/ladder company (without having the physical ladder). a squad in parts of upstate NY is defined as a utility vehicle, sometimes as simple as a pickup truck or a first response EMS unit.

    making the assumption that you are thinking about the FDNY squad example, then I would say you want to make it as versitile as possible. it should be able to handle car accident extrication, elevator rescues, hazmats, fire supression, ventalation, rescue calls, EMS, and anything else you can think of. the Squad should be "ready for anything." while it is near impossible to make a unit for any call, you need to look at your calls, what you get the most of, and how you can design it ot suit your needs.

    but then again, that's just my opinion.
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    I would have to agree with Drparasite. It depends on what you condider a Squad in your area. We designed and purchased a 2002 Pierce Dash and call it a Squad. It is somewhat typical of a Squad from FDNY but tweeked to our specs and needs. We carry all the equipment needed to handle the engine company part (lots of hose (preconnects), LDH, appliances, extra nozzles, foam, etc). We also carry all the needs of a truck company minus the main ladder (forcible entry tools, hooks, cans, rope, etc). We also carry Holmatro rescue tools, lots of rope for rope rescues. Stokes, TIC, backboards, and haz mat stuff and a cascade system. It is a 1500GPM pump, 500gal water/20gal foam. Our unit looks similar to a FDNY Squad even down to the L-Shaped tank for the low hosebed. But keep in mind, you need to design it and make it to fit your needs.


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