What things on a driving record can eliminate a candidate from any opportunities?

Reply: Too many tickets to start with. Speeding tickets and lots of accidents. License suspended. Caught while driving on a suspended or expired license. And, the big one that will put the brakes on you getting hired, the DUI or DWI. A medic candidate who doesn't normally drink, had some of the bubbly at his wedding reception. He was stopped. Although he was under the legal limit, he was given a wet and wreak less ticket. Over a year later he still is having problems getting hired. Not chief wants their firefighters stopped drunk or under the influence.

Speed contest or wreak less driving is another. I served 5 days in Santa Rita Prison for drag racing at age 18. Yes, I put it on my application. Because if you don't and they find out, you're gone.

In my oral board, I was asked about this. I told the panel, "Since that incident, I have been in the army, married, have children, and have been on my job for 9 years. I was a stupid kid. The situation hasnít occurred again. It's hard to believe this really had happened. One of the captains asked, "Mr. Smith are you trying to go around this problem and ignore it?" Here's the Nugget answer: I said, "No. If I was trying to do that I would have never put it done on the application." He was done with that question.

When I got my results for that test, the number placement wasn't on the notice. When I called, personnel told me, "Well, Mr. Smith, you're number one. Not only are you number one, you're five full points ahead of number two!" It was having a reasonable explanation prepared in advance that becomes your "Nugget" answers that makes the difference.

That question and the "Nugget" answer helped me, not hurt me. It catapulted me past the other candidates at light speed, and did indeed help me get my badge!

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"Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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