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    Default Fire Prevention Program Update

    I am working on revamping the fire prevention program that we have at our fire department and was wondering what I should make sure to include. My primary goal right now is to have something that can be used mainly for children. Currently the program starts with some information about the department(this is mainly for the adults that are there with their children), then we go into fire prevention. The fire prevention program works well now, but I think that it could be made better by adding videos, pictures, etc.. and try to get away from just having somebody talking.

    Here's what I've thought of/observed in use so far.

    1.) Smoke Detectors
    --Proper Installation(probably more of an adult thing)
    --Check every month (again adults, but kids should know)
    --New batteries installed every 6 months ("")
    2.) 911 Communications
    --What to say
    --Call from a neighbor's house
    3.) Stop Drop and Roll
    4.) Escape from a fire building
    -Crawl, feel the door upon exit

    And as I typed this I realized that what we have is more of a fire safety/what to do in the case of a fire, rather than a fire prevention program. So, any input at all is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    JR you may want to also include knowing two ways out,once your out stay out and checking for dangers in the home. These are adult themes but maybe they can be broken down for the school aged visitors

    Hope this can help

    Stay safe out there

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    First, good luck with your effort at revamping the fire prevention programs of your department. Sounds like you are doing the right thing.

    A lot of what you may, or may not, be able to do depends on the commitment of your leadership. That can make your life easier - or difficult!

    Also, you need to define what fire prevention means to you and your department. It could mean a commercial and or residential inspection program or code enforcement.

    You also need to ID ,as best you can, what particlar issue(s) affect your community. You may want to focus on particular topics while you grow your overall program.

    For kids, I would suggest keeping the videos VERY short! Have them actually DO some of the things you are preaching - like Stay Low and Go. They learn by doing.

    Also do not forget injury prevention! The NFPA Risk Watch program could take care of a lot of issues for you as it relates to kids in grades Pre-K through Grade 8. There is a lot of stuff out there where you do not have to re-invent the wheel.

    The other item you can not forget is to educate your own members. You would be surprised at what your folks know - and do NOT know! Provide them with the information they need to educate the public. Even those personnel not interested in doing pub ed will at least pass along information if handed to them. I have developed a nice resource web site for our personnel to go to to get Power Points and other information.

    Drop a line if you wish to discuss further. I do not have all the answers but there are a lot of talented folks in this forum where a little bit from everywhere will help.
    Bill Delaney

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    just one question. does your deparment have a fire safety house??

    if you want to know what one is go to the form titled smokehouses.

    hope it helps!!

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