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    Default pocket gear/gadgets

    interestion question and responses

    Helmet: bandana
    Inside coat: Pump sheet and calcs, grease pencil
    Top R pocket: Radio
    Low R pocket: 25' small diameter cord (tools, me),super leatherman
    Low L pocket: Sharp knife, pelican light, electrical tape

    Left pant pocket: 20' of 1" web (hose,tools,resq),1-sprinkler tong(small also doubles as door stop)
    Right pant pocket: FF gloves, 30' of 1" web(both webs water knotted) with steel caribiner(resq,tools), 1 pr folding spanner/pry tools (double as door stops too)

    And two other very sharp knives on my duty pants

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    Left breast pocket- webbing 4' tied with a water knot w/ steel D-ring
    Right breast pocket- Pelican Flashlight
    Left coat pocket- pair of brass folding spanner's, 1 multi tool
    Right coat pocket- Gerber Gator knife, Glass punch
    Left leg pocket- 2- 8' pieces of webbing tied with water knot
    Right leg pocket- 2-Hose straps, 4 door wedges

    Helmet- strap around the helmet, with 2 door wedges

    Leather FDNY radio strap with case

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    Door chock on helmet
    Plyers with cutting ability in left pocket
    30' of 7mm rope with aluminum caribeaner for personal safety
    Survivor light on right chest

    I try to travel as light and as stream line as possible. I hate being weighted down by tons of stuff I will most likely never even use. Just the important items, things to save my own *** if I get it into trouble.

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