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    Default Very Unique Rig on Bus Chassis!

    Came across this yesterday while I was doing some "internet firebuffing in Europe".

    It's a pumper-rescue based on a Volvo bus chassis:

    Here's one in service in Oslo, Norway:

    What do you think? How well do you think this concept might work in North America?

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    Someone correct me if this is wrong .
    Don't HME and Thomas busses use the same chassis or some of the same components ?

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    well i dont think so but i will do some more checking the reason i say no is because thomas built buses are owned by Freightliner which is owned by by Mercedes which is owned by Daimler Chrysler however i really dont know anything about HME so iguess it would boil down to what kind of components you are referring to i.e. i am sure both use allison trannies but just about everyone uses those if they want an automatic but a little tidbit of the subject is that in the next ten years anything freightliner will have mercedes trans with mercedes engines they might have a detroit as an option but not stock and since alf is owned by freightliner as well you can bet that there custom cabs will be the same

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