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    Question Apply early, hear back early, yeah right

    I just want to know, who in FEMA wrote the line in the application process, to apply early, so that you could hear back early. Well I did all that, my fire department has been holding, almost starving, to hang onto the 10% needed, so we might get new fire gear we requested, ours is only 25 years old. We did this because we would be ready to pay when we heard something from FEMA. No Dear John letters as of today, I sit back and wonder, did I apply to fast, did I apply to late, will I hear back from FEMA ever? How will I be able to hold suppliers to a bid I asked about 9 months ago? I think the process went very well until I saw the amounts given to two career departments in this state, especially the one at almost $500,000.00 and I said to myself again, did I apply to fast, did I apply to late, will I hear from FEMA ever? Someone in the application area and the judging area sure should do a double check on application times.. MY ONLY OPINION ON FEMA 2004 IS, SPLIT THE MONEY CAREER DEPARTMENTS CAREER/VOLUNTEER DEPARTMENTS VOLUNTEER DEPARTMENTS My funding comes from little old gray haired ladies on Bingo nights, while the one career department that got almost 1/2 million dollars, tax their little old gray haired ladies for their equipment. Thank YOU.. remember.. apply early, so you can hear back early...........NOT

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    I don't remember hearing apply early, hear back early, especially not from anyone at FEMA. They can't since the reviews are conducted during a set time period.

    The money is split: career departments are only eligible for ~45% of the money. Combo and Volly isn't limited. Technically, career isn't guaranteed any money. And you can't split combo and volly. Nearly every combo department around me doesn't collect taxes either. Besides, if you pay one person for one day a week, you're a combo department by definition. Most combo departments are harder hit than volly because they recognize that in order to provide a minimum of services to their area, they must pay, so they can't afford to upgrade equipment either. That's the toughest decision of all, since new gear is nice, but if you can't guarantee anyone will show up to wear it, what good is it? That's the reason my department has been paying a day crew all 32 years of it's existence. The tax district was only formed 4 years ago. 28 years of paying salaries from water bill donations. Not easy.

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    Unhappy Worried

    My department has also been holding back money for the match and haven't heard anything. It complicated our budget because we just hit the end of the year and had more carry over (the $$$ we were saving for the match) than had been budgeted for. It would really be nice if they would setup the program to start and end within the same budget year.

    My best guess is that if you haven't heard anything (no 7 questions) your SOL for this year. I still have hope, but figure chances are pretty slim.

    It apears that their are a lot of departments that haven't heard anything, with the e-mail problems we have heard about (everyone was suppose to get the email about the ISOSlayer and most didn't) makes me wonder if their were some gremlins that ate a bunch of the applications.

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    Thumbs up Just the facts.

    The process has to take a long time to justify the administrative costs. As BC79er stated in another thread, the cost is 5% of the total. Check this out,

    5% of 750 million in 37.5 million.

    IF they get done in mid April, which is a year, that works out over $102,000.00 per day, Sundays included, to administer the program.

    I think it works out to about $147,000.00 if they do not work weekends.

    If they do it quicker, it is more per day.

    Not bad.
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