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    Thumbs up Keyes FD Fire chief, assistant suspended

    Fire chief, assistant suspended

    Last Updated: January 22, 2004, 07:26:53 AM PST

    KEYES -- The board of the Keyes Fire Protection District voted unanimously Wednesday to suspend its chief and assistant chief while complaints involving pornography are investigated.
    Chief Eddie Jones and his son, Assistant Chief Roger Jones, will be on leave for 30 days starting Friday. The chief will continue to receive a salary; his son has not been getting one.

    The Stanislaus Consolidated Fire District, which includes the county fire warden's office, will name an interim chief and conduct the investigation.

    The moves came at the request of 17 Keyes firefighters and cadets who had resigned from the volunteer department Jan. 13 over complaints related to a pornographic Web site run by

    Roger Jones and his wife, Alexas Jones. She is featured on the site and also is a district firefighter.

    "I don't know for a fact, I haven't done any investigation, but I would suspect that the department is losing a little bit of confidence in the community," said Mike Macko, an attorney for the 17 firefighters.

    They returned to duty Friday upon learning that the board would discuss the matter Wednesday. During the walkout, which left the district with just eight firefighters, neighboring agencies stood ready to provide backup.

    The controversy drew about 75 people, including half a dozen media outlets, to the board meeting Wednesday.

    The disgruntled firefighters said Roger and Alexas Jones often have talked at the station about her work in adult entertainment. That work -- which Alexas Jones defended to reporters after the meeting -- includes the Web site, exotic dancing, and appearances in videos and magazines.

    The firefighters who walked out said they were especially upset to hear last week that Roger Jones allegedly fired a cadet for viewing the Web site without paying the entry fee.

    Alexas Jones said Wednesday the cadet had been viewing a pornographic site other than her own while on duty at the station. Other firefighters said the station has no Internet access, but Jones said a computer expert could prove the site was viewed there.

    The cadet issue became moot Wednesday. Board chairman Sam Bartlett said only the chief has authority to fire anyone, so the cadet remains with the district.

    Eddie Jones, Keyes' fire chief for 22 years, said after the meeting that his daughter-in-law has a right to work in pornography as long as she keeps it separate from the fire service.

    "I'd like to have the investigation done, see how it comes out," he said. "Maybe it has some good things about changes."

    Roger Jones, a 24-year Keyes firefighter, did not attend the meeting. His wife said he was watching their three children.

    Alexas Jones, a seven-year volunteer with the district, said her work in adult entertainment had not raised complaints there until recently.

    "When I am off duty, I am my own person," she said. "When I am on duty, I do not mix the two jobs."

    People interviewed Wednesday afternoon in Keyes had two general reactions to the controversy -- outright opposition to pornography, or tolerance as long as it does not intrude on fire district business or affect children.

    "I think that's awful," said housewife Katrina Marquez. "Who can you trust? You're supposed to trust firefighters, and if they're involved in pornographic stuff "

    John Bernard, who is unemployed, agreed.

    "It's kind of bad," he said. "Our kids here look up to these guys. They carry a badge."

    Another housewife, Barbara England, said pornography is "immoral" no matter how far it is kept from the fire station.

    "You don't be a firefighter and a porn star, too," she said. "You've got one or the other."

    Keyes resident Victor Suarez, a student at John B. Allard Community School in Turlock, said the pornography should be kept separate from the fire service.

    "If they want to do it, it's up to them," he said.
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    Alexas Jones said Wednesday the cadet had been viewing a pornographic site other than her own while on duty at the station.
    Well, the audacity of some people- always wanting something for nothing! I guess looking at HER porn is OK while on duty.
    I'm thinking this department leadership has a few issues, and it would do the city good to come through with a large broom and sweep out the trash.
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    Wow. Never saw this one coming!
    Let's see; you have a choice between losing seventeen firefighters vs. one porn queen and her business manager/assistant chief.
    Which side would I line up on?
    Oh; decisions, decisions!
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    the choice is CLEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pardon me sir.. .....but I believe we are all over here !
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    I'm sorry, I haven't been paying much attention for the last 3 hours.....what were we discussing?
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    I guess the Asst. Chief has more time to work on his porn sites now.........

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    Roger Jones, a 24-year Keyes firefighter, did not attend the meeting. His wife said he was watching their three children.
    hmmmmmmmm you think they might be having problems getting a babysitter
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    If they don't mind having male babysitters, I'm sure they'd probably get all kinds of offers..........

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