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    Default 1st Contract Hints

    Anybody have suggestions for first contract for a new local getting ready to do our first contract.

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    Exclamation Research!

    Look into surrounding communities that are comparable to yours and see how their contracts are worded. You have to compare apples to apples and negotiate within your communities and your departments abilities. Pick cities with departments and staffing needs similar to what you have. Also start your research early and don't go to the negotiating table unprepared. If the city is using an outside negotiator, talk to people who have had to deal with this negotiator in the past and find out the tactics used. The more prepared you are, the less surprises will be thrown your way.

    Good Luck!
    Marc S.
    Solon Local 2079

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    Default First Contract

    Reach out to your IAFF Ditrict VP as well as the State VP. They WILL provide you with everything you need. The IAFF provides hands on people as well as grants and loans if you need money, sample contract language etc.. Its all there just ask for it.This is the greatest organization for resource material.We all stand behind you. Most of all is beware of a tight management rights clause.

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