lake concord road a woodbend apartments. a single vehicle was being driven across the parking lot. driver stated he hitthe gas and crashed into a staircase and ground transformer.the building was a 2 and 3 story wood multi unit apartment, the crash took out one et of stairs to 2 second floor apartments. the car was found resting on the now broken transformer. the driver was not injured. concord engine 2 checked al apartments as gas from the car and cooling fluid from the transformer caused fire hazzard. hazmat 7 speical called for gas and oil spill. local power and gas comapnies on sceneto mark lines under ground. cleanup team called in for removal of contractors called to repair had major damage.tow truck used to lift car of transformer.power out for 4 hours.concord engines2 rescue 7 haz mat 7 on scene for 2 1/2 hours.