Recently, the Perry Fire Department had to clean up two fatal traffic accidents within two weeks of each other, both of which were weather related and one of which involved driving too fast for conditions. At this time of the year, just because the road looks bare, does not necessarily mean that it is, thanks to a very deceptive and dangerous phenomonom called black ice. I should know, I found that out the hard way and wound up in a snowbank and had to be pulled out by a tow truck. That is how insidious black ice can be. That the road may look bare has a nasty habit of lulling one into a false sense of security. Winter time is NOT the time to go hotrodding around, engage in speed contests, or other such nonsense. However, it is the time to keep driving speed to a level that is appropriate for the conditions. Just because a sign may say 55 or 65 mph or whatever DOES NOT mean that one can always travel at those speeds. Such nearby cities as Buffalo and Rochester always seem to have sizeable rashes of accidents, particularlly on expressways. Why? Because people are in too big a hurry, something I myself have been guilty of on occasion. They go off charging to work oblivious of the fact that black ice may be waiting to send someone spinning out of control, sometimes with fatal results or serious injuries. It is these accidents the local fire department is often called out.Why not save the FD some unnecessary work and grief by slowing down and adjusting your speed to the prevailing conditions. Two people died needlessly near Perry, where I live all because they failed to grasp what winter driving conditions require, caution, reduced speed, and common sense, which seems to be all too lacking in too many people these days, and the rashes of accidents experiened in Buffalo,Rochester, and other cities is proof of such foolishness and stupidity I do not need to say anymore, I will just let the accident reports say the rest of it.