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    Default Glossary of terms

    Glossary of terms which will be continuously updated.

    Glossary, "National Mutual Aid & Resource Management Initiative
    Glossary of Terms and Definitions". FEMA.
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    Angry the address has been changed

    I found that the preceeding address was no longer valid. A search of the fema site returned this address below.


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    It looks like DHS had decided what to call a tanker with wheels so we don't confuse it with a tanker with wings:

    Water Truck.: A truck with a permanently mounted water tank with the capabilities of dispensing potable or nonpotable water. The dispensing is handled through gravity or pumped. For pumping action, the truck’s engine or transmission is usually used to generate the requirement dispensing energy. Uses can range from delivering potable water to shelter locations, nonpotable form for irrigation, assisting in wildfire situations, dust control, compaction requirements, flushing of storm conveyance sanitary sewer lines, and washing areas of dirt, debris, and dust.
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    Default Glossary

    That glossary is great. I found the definition for generators funny:
    Diesel-fueled engine generators are used to support electrical requirements
    at facilities of various sizes such as hospitals, housing, plants, and
    commercial stores. Units are usually mounted on tow behind or trailer
    mobilized equipment. Deployment and set up can be accomplished within
    If it took me hours to deploy a generator I'd be fired.


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