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    Angry Pierce Paint Corrosion

    My Fire Dept. has a 1997 Pierce Saber pumper and the paint on the entire roof has a tremendous amount of corrosion causing the paint to blister. Currently the corrosion is migrating down the cab sides. Has anyone had the same problems with Pierce paint? How did Pierce handle the warranty and did they prorate the repair amount?

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    We had the same thing on our '97 Saber as well only it was on all the door bottoms. At first we met a lot of resistance on warranty work but we just got it back from being repainted. Pierce and the dealer both picked up about 80% of the tab.
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    As of January 1, Pierce announced their new 10 year paint warranty. I know this doesnt help your concern but they did go through their paint and finish program and fixed the issues contributing to the blistering.

    Call your Pierce dealer. They should be able to help you.

    Can't say the same for other companies with the same problem.

    Stay safe.

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