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    Question a few questions for trying to get into firefighting

    I a 19 year old college student (studying Fire Science) I was wondering if i could have some pointers as to either get my foot in the door, POC, or as a volunteer. I just want to get into it even if that means doing teatious work for no pay. I just hate being 19 and not being able to apply for full time. I am in the northwest suburbs if that helps at all either.
    thanks in advance,
    Mikey Wyrwick

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    Hey whats up man. Well you are 19 so you could join an Explorer Pst or try for a Paid-On-Call position. It just depends on where your at I am from the western burbs of Chicago and there are is an abundance paid-on-call/full time FD's. Go to the fire dept's in your immeditae area and ask them if they have Paid-on-calls and if they are hiring. If they aren't hiring ask them if they have a Junior FF program,Cadet program, or a an Explorer post.I spent 5 years on an explorer post and I didn't get hired the first time when I eligable, but I di the second time. Don't get discoureged if you don't get hired on an FD.Justkeep on going. Your best bet is to get established on an FD as an explorer cause' then you have an in when you go to apply for a POC position when they are hiring next.IF you have any other questions you can email me at GFDSlappyRob@yahoo.com Hope this helps
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