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    Question Minimum Hand Tools?

    Please list the minimum hand tools you suggest a first response vehicle should carry.
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    Back in 1999 Ron Moore ran a contest to pick the best 5 hand tools you could carry for extrication. The responses are all worth reading just to pick up some new ideas


    The winning 5 tools were:

    A hacksaw
    A Hi-Lift jack with the JackMate accessory
    A 25 length of 3/8" rescue chain complete with clevis (grab) hooks
    A Halligan-type forcible entry bar, and
    A flathead axe

    Being the inventor of the JackMate, I was obviously pleased (he says modestly...).

    Since you are not restricting this to 5, I'd also add:

    Window punch
    Breaker Bar (long crow bar)
    Heavy Duty (10,000 Lb) Ratchet Straps
    Pliars, Wire Cutters, Screw Drivers, Wrenches
    Bolt Cutters
    Come-Along (cable puller)
    More after my first cup of coffee

    Manual tool extrication is a skill we all should know. Next time you drill shut down the power unit to your hydraulic tools. Tell the crew that you just blew a pump seal and watch them flail around trying to perform a rescue.

    Regards, Tim

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    As a guide, I've been using the Pennsylvania Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition standards as a guide as I've started to go through our Rescue's inventory.


    Don't agree 100% with it but it's a great starting point. And actually my biggest divergence isn't over tools but over the paltry medical equipment they carry -- IMHO a heavy rescue should be able to treat 12+ yellow to red patients so you can start ahead of the curve if you have a mass casualty instead of trying to play catch up. What they look for is barely enough to treat 2 patients.
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