1/19/04 1415 N. Patterson Ave. Single family dwelling Heavy fire conditions upon 1st in Engine Crews advanced 2 lines and were able to contain the blaze. Truck company up to vent and search all were neg. E-3,4,T-1 and Batt-3. E-8 and Air Resource-1
1/19/04 Lowery St. A dump truck who forgot to put his bed down, brought down power lines and cause significant damage.E-4,17,Batt-2
1/20/04 511 N. Dunleith Ave. 1 story house fire was caused by a faulty electrical panel. E-12,4,T-1 and Batt-2.
1/20/04 832 Chancy Ln. Single story house fire. Crews on scene and reported a working kitchen fire. Qiuck knockdown by 1st due but significant smoke damage . E-18,10,T-4 and Batt-1
1/20/04 632 RockGarden Cir 1 story condo w/ heavy smoke showing. Flames vent from the rear of the 2nd floor balcony. 2 line in and searches by thre truck were neg Crews had heavy fire conditions in 2 rooms. E-10,18,T-4, and Batt-1. E-2 and E-8 for additional manpower
1/22/04 A two vehicle MVA . Companies arrived to find one vehicle on its side w/ the driver pinned in. Truck comapny extricated victim and they were transported to medical facility. E-3,T-1 and Batt-3
1/22/04 Hazerdous Material call. A gas leak at a commercial structure. HAZMAT crews were called to do air monitoring and and conatin leak. E-1,6,T-4,HAZMAT's 1,2 and Batt-1