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    In reading a book on foam firefighting, I came across the "dump and pump" method. That's where you measure the correct amount of foam and add it to the booster tank.

    It doesn't seem to be anything I want to do with our first line engine, but I could see doing it with the brush fire rigs, especially during brushfire season.

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    The dump and pump method has some advantages and some disadvantages.


    1) No eductor is needed
    2) Every discharge is a foam discharge
    3) Once you know the exact amnout to dump in that never changes and all you need to do to have foam is dump in that amount of comcentrate


    1) Every discharge is foam so you can't have a water only line if you desired for some reason
    2) The tank must be flushed as well as the pump to completely remove the foam (One of our engine companies did this at my career FD and they flushed the tank at least 3 times and for over a month we still had foam bubbles in the booster tank
    3) The only way to change the concentration is to add more foam or dilute by adding more water
    4) Some foams can be hard on the seals in a pump

    In an emergency where you need a lot of foam in a hurry I can see this as an option. For everyday foam ops an eductor would serve you better if you don't have a built in foam system.


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    I would not be quite as concerned about this with our "grass" vehicles.

    We adapted a 2 cycle "sprayer" pump to our buggy. I don't think it will hurt too badly

    The jeep also has an old 4 stroke pump, and since we do not use any of these for potable water, one cycle through might do it. We will experiment soon to find out.

    I also think (and I'll verify it) that you can run some class a foams in conjunction with water wetter, which should help the pump seals.

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    we used to carry 5 gallons of 1% that we dumped into our 500 gallon tank on a regular basis. It worked well on many calls and it was a lot faster then setting up the entire foam operation.
    I have no doubt that it prevented a fire or two on many a crash scene.

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    we have discussed this and used it only once...........we took a 5 gal pail of 3% and added it to the 750 gals of water and boy did it make foam ! very handy to use .........but does need a good flushin after.
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