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    Question UK employment

    hi there
    I am a canadian paramedic student. I would love to work in England (London) My Question is how hard is it to get a work visa to work there and would the UK hire a canadian paramedic.


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    I don't know about reciprocity, but we have just added a UK paramedic to our volunteer department, and ACP is giving him a bit of a rough ride.

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    Im a firefighter in the UK, dont know about the work visa bit. But in ceratin places there are shortages of paramedics, but also the funding they recieve is crap. To get around employing more people the districts will just offer loads of overtime. For most jobs this would be the expensive option, but they dont have to train anyone and quite alot of the time there is no upgrade in pay for that extra shift just standard rate.

    As for being accepted there is a venezualan working in our local area, been here years. You just have to show that you are capable of doing the job, by passing a local exam or something like that.

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    You will have to write to the immigration dept to find out what the rules on employment are. When I was in the London Fire Brigade, there were a couple of American guys who served in the Brigade. On another note, the ambulance service and the fire brigade in London are both run by the County Council, but are completely separate entities. You could also write to the London Fire Brigade recruiting dept to see what their requirements are.
    The address is:
    London Fire Brigade
    Recruiting Center (they spell it Centre in England)
    Southwark Bridge Road
    London, SE1,

    The London Ambulance Service is headquartered at
    Waterloo Bridge Road,
    London SE1.

    Hope this helps, and good luck in your endeavors.

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