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    Default chiefs job at rit call?

    My dept. has been working for the past 7 months to complete are RIT Team. we have been developing SOGs, and Bylaws, and have been performing monthly drills. We run a nine man crew to calls: 1 Chief, 1 Rit team leader, 1 ( driver only ), 6 rit crewmen (workers). we are a volly dept and have 3 chief. The chief is set to go to the IC, The Rit leader is set to command the crews and report findings to the chief which would go to the IC as needed, as well as dispatch the crews and duties as needed, and perform accountability for his men. the driver stays with the truck in case we need anything else then the rit equipment, and we use 2 teams of 3 men.
    1. is this example wrong? and can it be improved?
    2. what would we do if 2 of are chiefs wanted to go to the call. what would be the best job for the other chief?

    Any ideas or helping insite would be great. Thanks Dean

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    For a team that is just getting set up and going, it sounds like you have a pretty good start on things. To answer your question, about the second Chief, if you haven't formally assigned anyone as the safety officer, this would be a good place for the other chief. Safety officers in VFD's or smaller departments are often overlooked on the fire scene.

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