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    Question Petersburg

    Anyone have any info on the number of people Petersburg is going to hire?

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    WHY??? What difference would it make. They don't have but something like 20 people on duty per day.

    If you are looking to get into the fire service and want a job in a career department, then apply either in Chesterfield, Henrico or Richmond. Richmond isn't taking applications at the moment. Henrico and Chesterfield both are adding stations, so that would be a good place to start beside you will see more there than waht you could see in Petersburg.

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    Old Timer, I have to disagree with your statements about Petersburg. I put in almost ten years in Petersburg, and loved every minute of it. I now work for one of the bigger departments in the area, and I can tell you that you will see just as much if not more fire in Petersburg than Chesterfield, Henrico, or Richmond. The only draw back is the pay. If you want to learn about firefighting, it is a great place to go. They turn out great firefighters. I know a ton of people that I worked with that are now officers in departments across the state. If you don't have a family and can take the low pay for a few years, I say go for it. I wouldn't give anything for the experience I got there.

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    Default Re: Petersburg

    I totally agree. I currently work for Chesterfield and we would certainly love to have you, however, I too would not give anything for the experience that I gained from my 10 years with them. I started when I was 18 and thought I knew it all. The old timers taught me well. Petersburg is one big happy family which I miss dearly. Go have some fun and learn as much as you can from them. Granted the money is not that well but they have come along way from my starting pay of $16000 a year. Your experience will also make you very marketable. To answer your question; I'm not sure how many they are going to hire but don't give up if you miss out, be persistent it will pay in the long run. I began as a ride along and got to know everybody. I got hired the first time I tried. Ps: get your ALS (hint)

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