I've had similar situations where I started a part time job and for some reason it didn't work out. The advice that was given to me and it seemed sound and actually worked for me was there are 2 ways to handle it:

1) If the time you were employed there was only a week then it may not even be worth mentioning on your ap. There is no way anyone could evaluate someone's job performance in just a week unless they had horrible work ethics such as being an hour late for your first shift and the like. As long as you leave on good terms, and give them plenty of notice that you are resigning I myself wouldn't even mention it.

Most of the FD jobs I've applied for only investigated to see if I had a criminal record. There was one city that actually contacted previous employers which I listed on my application.

I guess if I were to consider putting it on my ap it would depend on how long it had been since I parted ways.

2) If you feel it is absolutey necessary to list it, then give an honest, very brief explaination on the section asking reason for leaving. If you go into too much detail the they may question on the 'real' reason you left. If they ask and only if they ask during the interview then you can back up what you stated on your ap.

If you get into a situation like this I would take Capt. Bob's advice and practice what you would say into a tape recorder, play it back and see if it sounds good to you, or does it sound like alot of mumbo jumbo leaving you asking more questions.

But honesty, it doesn't sound like I personally would lose any sleep over this one. It's a part time job so its not like you have to explain why you were unemployed for a week.

You may also want to consider sticking it out for a while. You never know it may open other doors for you, or it may not be as bad as you might think it to be.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Stay Safe,