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    Default Rescue Basket Question

    What kind of rescue baskets do you like. We currently don't have one. We had a MVA with the vehicle down over a steep embankment. All the ambulance had was a spine board. We got the victim up on that but it was not very handy. I think we need one to put the victim on the spind board into to make them easier to carry. I have seen them from $200 to $500. The bottom end ones are made of aluminum and wire mesh. The top end ones are plastic. Any difference between the two styles. I would also like to get a sling for lifting them out with.
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    I like the Junkin stainless steel MilSpec or the Traverse Titan. Plastic really isn't the high end unless it has a tubular stainless frame. try http://www.cmcrescue.com

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    Smile Your Question Begs Another...............

    One thing that would influence your decision on what to buy: Where are you going to carry it? Many Rescue rigs, including new ones, carry the baskets on top of the body, exposed to the weather. If you are going to carry it outside, A "weatherproof" model such as Stainless or Aluminum Should work. ABS Plastic is NOT weatherproof, according to some folks who have been around longer than I, specifically, the UV rays in sunshine tend to deteriorate the plastic. I would urge you to pay close attention to the manufacturer's directions for care and use. Stay Safe....
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    I also like the Titan. I have yet to see it's equal. Check it out at Traverse Rescue . I do not like the Ferno OPS (orange plastic stretcher or orange piece of sh!$). Ferno insists that you use their lifting bridle which is made for that model and it is a piece of garbage. It is one of the weakest stretchers on the market(600lb SWL). In the manufacturer's instructions it say that it is not ideally suited for all rescue situations but they don't let you know what those situations are. If you like a plastic style I would suggest the yellow junkin(proof load 1200lbs).
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    All of this is good information. I like the traverse rescue Titan, It is a great litter if you have the finances. The treverse Rescue Gazelle is a lighter more econonical version. We use the orange Ferno Model 71 strickly for low angle. I don't want to be put in for high angle. UV rays are killers on the plastic.

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    If we don't have a stokes available, we generally use a full body vacuum splint immobilization device, a backboard, and a set of spider straps. Works very well for multi purpose rescue type activities.

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    Default Litter Choices

    If you don't already have a litter, I'm guessing you don't have a significant/frequent need. With this as a working assumption - evaluate your likely uses. If the scenario you describe is common to your rescue use of the litter - keep it simple. Get something in aluminum or stainless - the CMC-Junkin basic (Mil-Spec/2,500 lb BS) models are very functional. They are durable, low maintenance, solid construction, etc.

    For rigging - also keep it simple. Webbing and 'biners can be used to create tie-ins/spiders. You probably don't need to spend $50-100 to buy a fancy litter rigging set.

    For a dream/$-no-object litter - try one of the titanium models. For remote rescues (i.e., carrying gear for miles) they are great. Interesting when an empty one is lowered out of a helicopter - they are so light they blow around in the rotor wash.

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    Not a basket preference, but more of an operational issue.

    If you are going to be doing any extractions / removals where the terrain is so steep that your rescuers need to use their free hand to balance, then you need a rope system.

    If you need a rope system, then you need some formal training / education in this area.

    You didn't say if you already had training in this and the general feel of your post made me think otherwise, so if you already have qualified persons, please forgive me.

    It's just that I've seen too many agencies with the "Awe-heck all we need is a piece of rope and we'll be fine!" mentality. And they usually end up in trouble when they try to use it.

    Kinda like the old adage - give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves.
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