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    I wanted to find out what PDA everyone is using in the field, I was looking at the sony, but I dont think they will stand up to the firefighter abuse. I am also looking at Blackberry they seem to work and with using Nextel for the service hopefully. I have been talking with a company Karbon Systems and they give discounts for firefighters.

    But i wanted to find out what everyone else is using and has worked.

    Stay Safe.

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    I have been using the Palm Zire 71 for a year now, had an older Palm before that. I have the FireLiner, Fireaway, WMD SWAG, SpeakEasy, ICS, F/R Guide, and Chem Table on it.

    Only problem with the blackberry is cell access, To many times none of us have any, not going to be reliable enough yet.

    I seem to make sure when in the filed that the PDA is treated with care. Carrying case, and no extreme temps help a bunch.

    The Zire is nice cause it has a camera to take pics with it. Long distance shots do not work well, but up close stuff work excellent.

    My next step is a blackberry but I want PC ability with XP windows abilities.

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