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    Default New NFPA 1500 Standard

    Just wondering how many departments are aware of the new NFPA 1500 standard on emergency scene signage? I just found out about it a couple of weeks ago.
    Anytime an emergency vehicle is blocking a lane of traffic you must now deploy a retro-reflective traffic control sign. The sign MUST be Coral in color and must have bold black lettering stating EMERGENCY SCENE AHEAD.
    I think that this is a great idea to help in slowing traffic down to protect the emergency workers. Some departments are going to have a hard time with this due to staffing issues. However, I think they will benefit from this. Lets hear what the rest ofg you think about this. If anyone is looking to purchase the above described sign contact me, I have contacts. Lil Yogi

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    First NFPA isn't the law. No one is going to make you put a sign up on a scene if you don't want to.
    Proper traffic control is vital to our safety, I'm just not sure if a sign will make any difference.
    NFPA 1500 needs to looked at very carefully. No one that I know of follows everything in 1500 to the letter. It is just too expensive.

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    wasnt aware ...........and ya like ADSNWFLD said !
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    I think ADSNWFLD comments sums it up fairly well. We do need to do everything we can to assure the safety of everyone at the emergency scene. But if some dumba@@ canít see the big red (insert your color preference here) fire truck with all the flashing lights do you really thing they will see a sign. This is something that may look good on paper but does little or nothing in real life. Proper parking and blocking procedures will protect everyone a whole lot better than a sign.
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    Any scene that takes longer than 2hrs requires signage, state mandate as of, i think, two years ago. We set cones and leave one ff to direct traffic and watch our backs, regardless of manpower. His only job is to watch oncomming traffic. Oh and Les thats why are trucks are the color they are

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    trainer is correct. In this state, if you are going to be on scene for more than one hour, the DOT must be contacted and they must sign it and light it like a DOT work area.
    As we have seen, all the lights, sirens, blinkers, signs, traffic cones or brightly colored vehicles will not guarantee safety to 100 percent.
    You need a LOOK OUT that is well behind your scene with a portable radio to let you know if some idiot is disregarding ALL of your safety devices. Even a cop in the squad car doesn't do it, because he is not watching traffic. He is doing cop stuff inside the car like reports.
    That one man positioned to alert you of a potential hazard is the single most important person at a traffic accident. Our department knows that from experience. He is the one who never, ever turns his back on the traffic.
    The driving public scares the hell out of me.
    Watch your backs.
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