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    Lightbulb Chesterfield County, VA

    Anyone from Chesterfield County, VA? I am looking for positive or negative comments about the department. I was thinking about applying for the next test.


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    I am from Richmond originally. I applied for the last class they had and made it all the way to the interview. I have heard good things about the dept. The only real consensus negative comment is their schedule. 24-48. They are planning to open up 11 stations in the next five years from what I heard yesterday. They seem like a very professional dept. and they seem progressive as well.
    Good Luck.

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    Chesterfield's all right - lots of residential. Lots of rules, too, but they still have decent growth potential. Their schedule does stink, but it's still 24-hour shifts...

    cfd - I can't believe they didn't hire you. Did you blow your interview?
    BTW, did anyone tell you what we named our son?

    J (not the big goofy one)

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    Hey Bro.

    Chesterfield County, VA Fire is an excellent and progressive fire department. They have a lot of rules that they live by. The are good for what they can do. The 24/48 shift sucks. That shift has been the only one since they went paid in October 1969. They don't know any difference. Not holding this against them, it could be worst, they do a great job.

    If you applied and had an interview and didn't get the job, there must be something that you didn't do right or the back ground check wasn't good.

    As far as them adding 11 more stations, I have not heard this. I know they are building No. 20 now and that is the fifth that was approved several years ago by the voters. There are a few places that will require additional over years but nothing is etched in stone yet.

    Keep trying to land a job. Try Henrico County Fire, as they are hiring and adding stations and companies within the next several years. BUT, remember that where ever you go, if the department provides ambulance transport service, you will ride the BUS for at least a year!!

    Stay Safe and Well.

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