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    I was watching Americas Most Wanted tonight,John bascily ripped into cell phone companys---mainly Nextel. Here is the excerpt from the site.

    Interference Emergency

    Dear Viewers,
    As host of America's Most Wanted, I talk to police officers, firefighters and emergency response personnel every day. Reliable communication is critical to these public safety professionals. They can’t do their jobs without it. That's why I was shocked when I learned that every day, across America, those who have vowed to protect us are hindered by inadequate communications.

    Interference from cell phones operating – completely legally – on adjacent space in the communications spectrum results in dropped calls and garbled communications. It jeopardizes first responders and the communities they protect. We need a solution now.

    Cellular interference is growing worse every year, and it’s not going to go away on its own. Major law enforcement and public safety groups such as International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Sheriff’s Association, and International Association of Fire Chiefs are backing a proposed solution called The Consensus Plan. It calls for reorganizing the communications spectrum so that there are separate blocks of spectrum for public safety and wireless carriers. It’s the only solution that truly solves the problem, and puts an end to public safety interference.

    The Consensus Plan was presented to the FCC in August 2002, but FCC commissioners have not acted on it yet. That's why we need you to voice your concern for the men and women in public safety and encourage the FCC to adopt the Consensus Plan.

    The form below allows you to contact your representatives and the FCC and express your support for the safety of America's first responders. Please take a few seconds to fill it out; tell the FCC you're on public safety's side!

    I appreciate your support of this critical effort,

    John Walsh
    To learn more about the Consensus Plan, its supporters and interference on public safety radios, visit www.projectconsensus.org.
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    If the NexTel wasn't so far up the FCC's rear end, this wouldn't be problem to begin with. You know what they about money vs Bull$hit.
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