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    Angry Why is this guy still working as a firefighter?


    4 convictions and a 5th charge pending? Why wasn't he fired as a firefighter after his first conviction? Man, that makes me furious!!!

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    I agree. I wonder if he's allowed to operate their equipment? Talk about liability! I won't voice my opinion of repeat DUI offenders. ptooie!

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    I lost my father because he was too stupid to realize he was too drunk to drive.

    I lost my best friend growing up because he was too stupid to realize he was too drunk to drive.

    I hope they throw the book at this mutt, and he loses his job. Hopefully so he will come to the realization that "Hey, stupid, if you have been drinking you don't need to drive"

    I know that I have caused inconviences to my friends and family over the years when I have had too much to drink and needed a lift home. I also know the reverse when I was fast asleep and a family member or friend called and needed a lift.

    Nobody who gets caught DUI gets my sympathy. Period.

    As Forrest Gump put it "Stupid is as stupid does"

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    I agree with the above statements but here we go again. The news media trying to make us look bad-not that this guy does not. But would he have gotten the same press if he worked for McDonalds or Walmarts. Probably not.

    It just goes back to we need to think about what we are doing when we are not working.
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