Is there anyone who would be interested in a database written for the Fire Service for preventive maintenance?

I am developing a database for fleet maintenance operations for any size department. I have spent the last six years performing fleet maintenance on our fleet and have researched the net for programs that would make our job easier. However, no such program exists to my knowledge.

This program would be able to track all aspects of a fleet maintenance program, calculate mpg, keep track of vehicle repairs, produce monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports from one program.

I am also going to be developing a smaller program to use on a PDA in which you would be able to document your work in the field and then download the information into the full version on your PC.

In addition to fleet maintenance documentation, you would be able to inventory parts, SCBA's in service, SCBA bottle testing, hose inventory, hose testing, ladder testing, pump testing and aerial testing.

If anyone is interested, please send me an email to

Thank you,

Jim Shultz, President

P.S.> I have been in the fire service for 15yrs and am still currently serving.