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    Hi everyone,
    I am a bereavement counselor (called a Thanatologist) in Phoenix, Arizona and work a great deal with Phoenix and Glendale firefighters dealing with traumatic incidences- I also help the families, particularly those who have lost children to death. We have a tremendous wealth of resources for anyone who needs info- please feel free to contact me (joanne@missfoundation.org). First responders play an extremely important but stressful role in society and it is imperative that professionals have a safe place to vent.

    I'm interested in your debriefing programs and whether or not your departments have formalized and operationalized protocol in calls resulting in death.

    Thanks for any feedback you can offer!

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    Hello, I am fire chaplain for a rural volunteer department and just joined the national fire chaplains association. I am a Lutheran pastor serving in NC. I have taken some training with the association that was outstanding. They provided procedures for death notification that were very similar to the Clinical Pastoral Education training I received in seminary. I would be happy to send you a set of my notes that I have shared with other colleagues but it is probably information you already have. I have asked my synod to offer CISM training as soon as possible.
    As all departments do, we have experienced some traumatic death scenes. The department members are grateful to have a pastor on scene who responds to all calls when available. I simply cannot tell when a call will be a "bad" one so I respond as many as I can. Several recent calls have involved traumatic, violent death and, as a new chaplain, I have been able to begin to learn and see how firefighters cope with death. Several calls in the past year have involved injured and/or emotionally traumatized children. I have been able to provide some on-scene advocacy for the children they needed such as removing them from fire scenes and providing comfort and a calm voice in the midst of confusion and pain. New stuffed toys and blankets help.
    You may respond to my email address, if you like. trbostjr@charter.net

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