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    Lightbulb how many of us?

    I know many of you will ignore this thread. How many of us would actually buy a home, where your nearest or first due company is 20 minutes away? We don't consider this when we are purchasing a house. We don't consider our houses catching on fire, but we buy fire insurance.

    Should fire companies relocate to have equal access from one end of town to other from firehouse?

    20 min is a long time.
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    I personally like to be in the heart of a town, within walking distance of everything - or so far out in the sticks that I can't see any neighbors. In that case I'm willing to accept some risk, but then, I'd say I'm a little more fire-aware than the average joe. I have taught my family accordingly.

    The difficulty with your question is that we, as in firefighters, are pretty much aware of fire risk, distance to the nearest station, etc. I would hazard a guess that something like 90% of the rest of the population has no idea, and doesn't care (at least until they get their insurance quote!)

    As for relocating stations, yes, that needs to be looked at from time to time as a jurisdiction grows. Sometimes you need more stations, sometimes areas grow in directions that we don't anticipate and our once-ideal station locations don't work so well any more.

    In my area of the country, moving a fire station is a tough sell. Most people think that a fire station is a permanent fixture in their community. They can't see abandoning a perfectly good station in order to build another. It's our job to educate them when that happens.

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