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    Here's a recruitment idea from across the pond that sounds great to me. I wonder if anyone over here is doing something along these lines? I know most vollie stations couldn't pay someone but you might could recruit some retirees. Whadda ya think? Would it work/help over here?

    Here's the story on the BBC site
    '999 nannies' to aid fire fighters

    The nannies must live or work within four minutes of their fire station

    Cornwall Fire Brigade is aiming to recruit more retained firefighters by employing a group of "999 nannies".

    The county's fire service is putting free crèches in some fire stations to encourage more women and parents with young children to sign up.

    And like the retained firefighters, the nannies who will run the crèches must live or work within four minutes of their fire station to ensure a quick response in the event of a fire.

    The daytime childcare scheme will be run in a number of Cornish towns and villages as part of the £35,000 project, said to be the first of its kind in the country.

    'Retainer salary'

    The new nannies will receive a retainer salary and, in the event of a fire, an additional call-out fee and an hourly wage.

    About two-thirds of Cornwall County Fire Brigade's staff are retained fire-fighters and the county currently has a 10% shortage.

    The brigade says its recruitment problems are due to the rural nature of the county and its sparse population.

    Cornwall's Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Mark Yates, said: "In Cornwall we try to encourage anyone to think about becoming a potential recruit, but perhaps single parents felt they did not have that choice.

    "This initiative will not solve all our recruitment problems, but it will at least give single parents with childminding problems the opportunity to serve their communities." New retained firefighters are given training, a free uniform and personal protective equipment.

    The free crèche facilities will be trialled at Helston, Newquay, Perranporth and Redruth from April.

    If the trial is successful, stations across the county could get similar childcare facilities.

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    Not a bad idea at all...my dept. looked at this a few years back, we had a progressive thinking chief who was looking to beef up our daytime EMS staffing. Idea was to hire a retired teacher who would be
    in our station during typical work hrs. & if you committed to riding a duty shift (even just a few hrs., think it was gonna be a minimum 4 hours), you could drop your kid(s) off when you responded in for a call. It was a great idea in theory but we ran into a few issues that ultimately prevented it from happening:

    1) Retired teachers want a LOT more money than our board was willing
    to pay. The chief wanted someone who had a backgroud in dealing
    with children in an educational setting, not just some schmuck who
    applied for a job.

    2) The liability = $$$$ The hassle of additional insurance for
    operating a "day care facility" was ludicrous!!!

    3) Logisitical issues - with the background checks that would have
    been required, it made the project not feasible. Especially
    with the chief being a cop, he was very adamant about this -
    which I FULLY agreed with.

    4) Overall attitude of members - while most members would have used
    it the way it was intended to work (you respond for a call, we
    watch your kid'till you get back), undoubtedly there were a few
    members we knew would abuse it and that coupled with the other
    issues above pretty much put the kabosh on the whole thing.

    I still thik it's a great idea and with proper planning and support, it could be a viable way to improve response among vollies particularly during the day when we're all strapped for manpower.

    Ok, that's my 2 cents...Stay Safe.

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