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    Default Drunk idiot smashes into tanker truck in CT

    I knew something bad happened this morning when all the traffic lights were flashing and there was no power in the parking garage. I watched this from just after the collision, (right about when NHFD arrived) and on. Granted, it is time-lapse so it is kind of choppy but it is still pretty amazing. The entire tractor unit was fully involved and the flames from the spilled fuel were encompassing the whole front half of the tank trailer.

    You could see that at first, the one master stream on it was doing more or less nothing other than cooling the tank. As time went on, you see more and more and bigger and bigger master streams pouring down on it. As you would expect, most of them seems focused on cooling the tank until the large ones arrived to work on the fuel fire.

    From WTNH News Channel 8
    (New Haven-WTNH, Feb. 4, 2004 Updated 7:57 AM ) _ North Frontage Road in New Haven is back open after a fire involving an oil tanker truck. Residents of a nearby aparement were evacuated as the fire burned.

    Watch the story story by News Channel 8's Michael Herzenberg
    A car and a tanker truck collided at Noorth Frontage and Park Street at about 1:30 a.m., causing the diesel fuel from the saddle tanks to ignite and explode.

    "I saw the car run the light and ran into the truck, the truck exploded," Reginald Alston said.

    "I was looking out the window and the thing exploded in front of my face and I got scared and my brother ran outside," Ebony Dorsey said. "I didn't know what happened. I just grabbed my coat and just ran outside to see what happened because I saw flames."

    The tanker's cargo of home heating oil did not catch fire. One fire fighter says he was holding the hose repeating to himself "please don't blow, please don't blow."

    Fire fighters used foam to suppress the flames and fumes. We are told the people in the car received minor injuries. The fire chief says the drivers of both vehicles were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

    Firefighters evacuated 18 apartment units in one building. Those people are back home now and are OK.

    North Frontage Road was closed for several hours. It is now back open.

    I don't know if this picture will work or not...

    It happened on the long road in the middle between the parking lot and those buildings. The big bright thing is a parking garage. The cluster of buildings is apartments and a house. The huge building with 4 wings on the bottom is Yale-New Haven Hospital. The rectangular building on the other side of the big parking lot is an inpatient Psych facility. Great spot to crash, huh?
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    Years ago New Haven had decent capabilities to deal with this type of fire -- don't know if they've kept it up over the years with the ups & downs in municipal budgets.

    Port of New Haven is one of New England's larger petroleum terminals -- it provides most of the petroleum products to Connecticut & Western Mass including Bradley Field & Westover. It's safe to say enough fuel to keep a couple million plus people warm & moving goes through there!
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