I am currently working on a database software program that would make the documentation for maintenance work more efficient. Anyone who is in Fleet Maintenance will know how much of a paper trail this can create and with the addition of this program, all documentation would be in this one program.

Some titles that will appear in the program; Aerial Testing, Apparatus Repairs, Capacities, Electrical, Engine, Equipment Repair, Fluid Type, Generator, Parts Inventory, Pump, Pump Testing, Replacement Costs, Scheduling, Tires, Transmission, Vehicle Lighting, Vendors, Warning Lights, Weekly Maintenance Checklist, and much more.

I am hoping to have a version of this software available for use with a PDA so that work can be done in the field and documented then transfered to your PC.

All reports would be generated thru this program as well as calculations.

Anyone interested in this software can contact me at osh599@chartermi.net and I will let you know when the software is completed. I am hoping to have it on the market within three months, that is if everything is running on schedule.