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    Default "If Onlys Become Never Agains."


    "In the year since the fire at The Station nightclub, NFPA has made sweeping changes to the codes governing safety in assembly occupancies to ensure such a tragedy doesn't happen again.
    NFPA JournalŪ, January/February 2004"

    It is sad that it takes such an immense tragedy for changes to be made. The sad part is, there have been numerous fires in public gatherings with tragic results. Yet, owners and builders continue to build to the "minimum standard". I thought this was a relevant article and did not see it posted. If I somehow missed it and it has already been posted, I apologize.

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    Default Re: "If Onlys Become Never Agains."

    Originally posted by superchef

    It is sad that it takes such an immense tragedy for changes to be made.
    Sadly enough that seems to be the way it works. It always takes some major incident to bring about changes. Especially in the military, fire service, police dept. or any type of organization for that matter!!!

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    Unfortunately, that is the way it is, has been, and probably always will be.

    1. No one wants to spend the money on it unless it will help their re-election campaign.

    2. The only way that will happen is if the general public is in sweeping support of spending such large amounts of money and supporting such significant change.

    3. The general public and buisness owners don't give a rats rear end about fire codes and safety for the most part. It is a hinderance and an annoyance because they have never actually needed it.

    4. It takes an incident like The Station to enrage the general public and scare buisness owners. This takes care of #3 which takes care of #2 which takes care of #1.
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    nm I think that says it the best from big cities to small towns !
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    Very well said.......

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