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    My old dept. out of IL, Runs 2 stations both full time (some of the pics are really really big, sorry!

    Engine 19 and 20

    Pierce Dash 2002 Dash pumpers
    1250 gpm Pumps, 750 Gallon Tanks, A.M.P.S. 6 kW PTO Generator

    Truck 20

    2004 Pierce Dash
    2000gpm/500 gallon tank/105' aerial. 10 Kw generator w/5000 watts of flood lights 500HP Detroit Diesel motor

    Squad 20
    1996 Pierce Saber

    Squad 19
    Squad 19 is a 2001 International 4900 chassis with the rescue body built by Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, WI. It has a 10 Kilowatt hydraulic generator, a 2-bottle 6000 psi breathing air cascade, and a rear changing area for divers, TRS and Haz-Mat personnel

    Ambulance 20


    Ambulance 19

    Ambulance 20 Reserve

    Unit 20-03
    1996 Ford Econo-line van outfitted for ICS
    Utility 20
    2003 Ford F-250 Diesel Pick-up outfitted with snow-plow

    My current dept out of Texas, 2 station both full time, Public Safety Dept, police/fire cross trained

    Engine 401, Medic 401, Medic 402

    Engine 402
    Truck 402
    Brush 401
    Old PSO Unit

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    Volunteer Co. about 20 active members




    QRS Squad

    Brush Truck


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    1987 Maxim Open rear cab, tower control panel (alows engineer to see almost 360 around him) 2000gpm custom pumper that was acctually used as a demo pumper for maxim. It is white with gold accents and letters. the entire undercarriage is detailed for parades. We carry 3 crosslays of high-combat inch and 3/4. LDH supply, onboard foam, 5 SCBA packs, 5 spare bottles, 1 monitor, 1 deck gun etc

    1991 Volvo chassis E-one body 2800 gallon tanker with a 400gpm mini pump

    1989 Ford F-350 Ambulance body rescue truck (the truck i am assigned to as an engineer)

    1984 Chevy 1 ton brush truck with a 300 gpm mini pump, foam,

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    Heres all our good stuff for Comapny 1, we have a sister company (company 2) on the othe side of town with pretty much the same stuff.: http://www.jtfd1.org/apparatus.htm

    just a few cause i can only post so many pix:

    2005 Seagrave

    1500 g.p.m. Hale pump
    1250 gallon booster tank
    8V 500 HP Cummins Diesel/Allison World transmission
    Telma driveline retarder
    climate-controlled 8-man cab
    On-spot automatic tire chains
    Federal Q2B siren
    foam eduction system
    (2) 1 3/4" preconnected mattydales
    3" supply hose/leader line
    2 1/2" attack line
    preconnected piercing nozzle
    1000' 5 inch LDH hose
    front swivel suction
    all LED warning lighting
    PPV fan/negative pressure fan
    Bullard thermal imaging camera
    Knox key system
    Heat sensor, Scott multi-meter and CO meters
    forcible entry tools
    ground ladders - 14' roof and 35'
    Plaque in cab dedicating engine in honor of the 343 FDNY firefighters killed in the line of duty, September 11, 2001.

    2000 Seagrave

    1500 g.p.m. Hale pump
    1250 gallon booster tank
    8V Cummins Diesel/Allison World transmission
    Telma driveline retarder
    climate-controlled 8-man cab
    On-spot automatic tire chains
    Federal Q2B siren
    foam eduction system
    (2) 1 3/4" preconnected mattydales
    3" supply hose
    2 1/2" attack line
    top-mounted master stream device
    PPV fan/negative pressure fan
    Bullard thermal imaging camera
    Heat sensor, Scott multi-meter and CO meters
    forcible entry tools
    ground ladders - 14' roof and 35'
    dedicated in memory of the late Chief Paul E. Schaller in September, 2000

    1986 Mack / 3D

    Refurbished 1998 by Lee's Emergency Equipment
    1500 g.p.m. Hale pump
    3200 gallon poly tank
    Mack Turbodiesel
    Mack Dynatard Engine Brake
    2-man cab
    2 - 1 3/4 preconnected mattydales
    1 - 2 1/2 preconnected line
    3000 gallon portable dump tank
    various adapters and fittings
    2 side-mounted booster reels

    1997 E-One

    E-one Hush 3-door cab
    95' aerial platform
    Detroit Diesel 8V motor
    Jacobs Engine brake
    7-man cab
    1500 g.p.m. Hale pump
    200 gallon booster tank
    (2) 1 3/4" preconnected mattydales
    5" LDH supply hose
    single waterway supplies a single remotely controlled master stream nozzle
    4000 watt portable generator and lighting
    large variety of forcible entry tools
    pre-piped breathing air to the bucket with mask connections
    Stihl K-12 and chain saws
    4 ground ladders, rear-mounted
    David Clark headset system at pump panel/turret

    1997 Freightliner/Marion

    Freightliner FL80 chassis-cab
    Walk-through Marion rescue body
    PTO-driven Hurst Jaws of Life motor with preconnected reel
    gasoline Hurst motor with preconnected reel
    Hurst spreaders, (2) cutters, Maverick tool
    Hurst Rams and accessories
    Hurst Jaws of Life accessories and attachments
    Hurst low-pressure air-bag system
    Paratech Vehicle stabilization system
    Cribbing and stabilization/tow straps
    Dual Panasonic GPS receivers (vehicle mounted and portable)
    truck-driven air compressor and reel
    air tools/chisels
    Port-a-power system
    Hi-angle rope rescue and rappelling equipment
    ice/water rescue suits, rope and supplies
    BLS EMS supplies
    Stokes rescue basket
    Rehab supplies/refrigerator
    PTO-driven Onan electrical generator
    quartz lighting and light poles
    forcible entry tools
    spare SCBA bottles
    Portable 4000w generators
    3 911 pack seats
    climate controlled seating for 13
    command area/mapping/cellular phone
    tone-alerting decoder/paging system

    1971 Hahn

    1250 g.p.m. Hale pump
    500 gallon booster tank
    8V Cummins Diesel
    5-speed manual transmission
    open 5-man cab
    1 - 1 3/4 preconnected handline
    3 supply hose
    5 LDH hose
    3 side-mounted hard suction bars
    ice-breaking tools/ice-saw
    turbo-draft device
    forcible entry tools
    ground ladders - 14 roof and 35
    724 is a beautifully-maintained classic fire apparatus and is well known on the Northern New Jersey parade circuit, competed as an in-service antique.

    1984 Chevrolet

    Rescue support with:
    Hurst gasoline powered Jaws of Life generator
    Hurst 32 spreaders
    Hurst cutters
    cribbing and stabilization

    Cooperatively operated with New Jersey Forest Fire service:

    Hale 50 g.p.m. portable pump
    hard suction hose
    2" discharge hose and adapters
    4 Indian backpack tanks
    full complement of brush and forestry tools
    portable generator and lighting

    equipped with gasoline outboard motor, water rescue suits and ropes

    tandem-trailored with the ice-rescue sled and tools
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    Our Toys:

    13-1 1975 Ford/Saulsbury Rescue (full compliment of rope and vehicle rescue eguipment as well as onboard cascade system)

    13-2 1984 GMC/FMC Roughneck (1000 Pump/1000 Tank, 1000' 4" LDH, 500' 1 3/4", 300' 2 1/2")

    13-4 1968 Kaiser Jeep Brush Unit (250 Tank/250 Pump, 200' 2 1/2 hose, 400' 1"hose, 10 Indian Cans along with other brush fire equipment?

    13-5 2000 HME/4Guys (5 Man Cab, 1500 Pump/1500 Tank, 1600' 5" LDH, 500' 2 1/2", 2 portable master streams, 700' 1 3/4", 200' 2", rope rescue equipment)

    13-8 1983 Dodge RamCharger QRS Unit

    13-9 1981 Hahn/Snorkel (5 Man Cab, 1500 Pump/500 Tank, 500' 5" LDH, 55' Boom, 1000 GPM Master Stream on the platform, rope rescue equipment, 400' 1 3/4", 500' 2 1/2")
    Think!! This Might Be The Day You Dont Come Home!

    East Fallowfield Fire & Rescue
    Station 13
    Crawford County, Pa.

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    Default Lake Ozark Fire Engines

    If you go to www.lofpd.com you can see the trucks that we have.
    We have 4 stations, Station 3 is the station that I respond from.

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    go to http://www.station25.com and click on apparatus
    If my basic HazMat training has taught me nothing else, it's that if you see a glowing green monkey running away from something, follow that monkey!


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    Station 292
    Woodland Township Chatsworth New Jersey
    Burlington County
    Runs 2 engines.

    2923 1st Engine this company has EVER SEEN 1st out on ALL CALLS
    We got this truck in August 2004 from FEMA Grant
    2004 Central States/Spartan
    350 HP ISC Cummins Diesel Engine
    Spartan Big Easy Chassis
    1,500 GPM(Can pump at 2,000GPM)
    1,500 Tank
    1,500 Ft.4-Inch Supply Line
    1,000 Ft.3-Inch Supply Line
    125 GPM Foam Eductor
    30 Gal. Foam Tank
    1- 1 3/4 Crosslay
    1- 1 1/2 Crosslay
    1- 1 3/4 FOAM Crosslay
    8 KW Harrison Generator
    2-500 Watt Post Lights
    2-1500 Watt Post Lights
    1- 26' Extension Ladder
    1- 36' Extension Ladder
    1- 14' Extension Ladder
    6 man Climate Controlled Cab
    6 SCBA Seats
    Phoenix Rescue Tools
    Ladders Thru-The-Tank Storage
    4 Suction Hoses
    Federal Q2B Siren(n Bumper)
    Dual Air Horns(In Bumper)
    Electronic Siren(In Bumper)

    Here's 2923s Picture

    1979 Refurbed in 1991 FDNY Mack 2nd Out
    285 HP Mack Diesel Engine
    Standard Mack CF-600 Cab
    1,250 GPM
    1,000 Tank
    1,200 Ft.4-Inch Supply Line
    1,000 Ft.3-Inch Supply Line
    1- 1 3/4 Crosslay
    1- 1 1/2 Crosslay
    6 KW Diesel Generator
    2-650 Watt Post Lights
    7 Man Cab
    5 SCBA Seats
    1- 24' Extension Ladder
    1- 14' Extension Ladder
    Federal FDNY Q Siren
    FDNY Air Horns
    Electronic Siren(In lightbar)

    Here's 2924s Picture

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    we have 3 engines 1 in reserve
    2 county structure trucks
    1 lite brush truck
    1 tractor tanker, 1 tanker
    2 boosters
    2 rescues
    and 3 squad pickups, suvs

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    09-11 .. 343 "All Gave Some..Some Gave ALL" God Bless..R.I.P.
    IACOJ Minister of Southern Comfort
    "Purple Hydrant" Recipient (3 Times)
    BMI Investigator
    The comments, opinions, and positions expressed here are mine. They are expressed respectfully, in the spirit of safety and progress. They do not reflect the opinions or positions of my employer or my department.

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    Ohio Fire Protection Distric:
    196? international, pumper/tanker, i believe 800 gallon maybe 1000.
    197? Dodge, pumper/tanker, about 1000 gallons.
    1978 Chevy Brush Truck 250 gallons.
    1995 International Tanker 2000 gallons.
    1998 Chevy Light Rescue
    2001 International Pumper, built by Alexis Fire Co. 1250 gallons.
    2005 F-350 Brush Truck, 250-300 gallons.
    "Let's Roll." Todd Beamer 9/11 first soldier in the war on terror

    "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands ONE NATION UNDER GOD indivisible,with liberty, and justice for all.

    I.A.C.O.J. Probie and darn proud of it.

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    Engine 361- 1994 E-One Cyclone, 1000 gallon tank 1500 gpm Hale pump
    Engine 351- 2004 Ferrara Inferno, 1000 gallon tank 2250 gpm Hale pump 50 gallon foam tank, 9000 watt light tower
    Engine 352- 1988 Pierce Arrow, 1000 gallon tank 1500 gpm Watrous pump
    Tower Ladder 371- 1999 Sutphen 95' midmount tower ladder, 300 gallon tank 1500 gpm Hale pump
    Ladder 372- 1973 CF Mack 75' rearmount telesquirt, 300 gallon tank 1250 gpm Watrous pump.
    Rescue 391- 1988 GMC/E-one Walk in body
    Brush 388- converted military 2 1/2 ton truck, 1200 gallon tank, 300 gpm pump, standard, no power steering
    brush 380- 1966 Dodge Power Wagon, 250 gallon tank 250 gpm pump, standard 4 speed transmition, no power steering.


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    Capt, absolutely LOVE the dual Roto-Rays on the front of the wagon!
    *Old FH Forum SN: WFDjr1*


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    Engine 55-3
    1997 Quality Mfg Freightliner FL112

    Muti-Tasking Engine 55-3 Responds as "First Due" on all major incidents in 55's District.

    Engine 55-5
    1973 Imperial

    The "Triple Nickel" ran as first due until 1998 and was one of the busiest engines in Kent County in the late 70's. Engine 555 is now set up as a main support engine and is also designated for cover up assignments.

    Rescue 55-1
    1995 American F Freightliner

    Rescue 1 is set up to handle the large variety of vehicle accidents and rescue incidents that 55 responds to, as well as an important support piece in fire operations.

    Tanker 55-4
    1992 4 Guys Tanker 1979 GMC Bison

    The "Porta Plug" equipped with 6,ooo gals of water and a 15oogpm pump, is an important operational piece for 55's first due as well as for all 7 bordering districts.

    BLS Unit
    2000 Horton Freightliner

    Responding to over 700 calls per year. B.L.S. A-55 provides all volunteer Basic Life Support services to 55's first due and throughout Kent County.

    1956 Ford Antique

    Refurbished in 1998, Engine 2 ran as first due until 1973 and was one of the busiest support engines in the late 70's.

    Brush/Wildfire Truck
    1989 Ford F350

    Brush 55-0 equipped with 350 gals of water is set up as a quick attack piece for field and woods fires in 55's first due and through out Kent County

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    at mechanicsburg ohio we have
    tanker 330
    search and rescue 331
    engine 1
    grass truck 330
    squad 330
    squad 331

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