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    Default 4 gas meter ''aim 600''

    hey everyone not sure if there is a thread on this already or not. what i'm looking for is some info on the different gas meters out there. out departmetn is looking at the Aim 600 with pump, and a Scout brand. if anyone has either of these or has any input on the different air monitoring equipment i would appreciate it.

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    We have both the AIM and the Scout on the Rescue. I have used the AIM for a longer period of time, so I am naturally more comfortable with it. It seems to be easier to use and read the displays on it as compared to the Scout. The only downside to the AIM is that the buttons are recessed a little bit making them akward to press. They would only need to pressed while operating to turn on the backlight feature, so I consider this a small detail. Additionally, the filter for the AIM is on the unit itself while the Scout has its filter in the wand at the end of the tubing. Not a big deal, just a preference. Hope this helps out.

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