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    Our fire Department in Texas currently has no grass trucks. We are attempting to apply for a grant with the Texas Forestry Service. My Dept. has a "Rescue" that has a pump, but it is too heavy to take off road. If it leaves the road way, you can almost be assured that its going to get stuck. This is slowing our ability to put the fire out since we must call for mutual aid from a neighboring town (who has lighter trucks) to assist us. What other places could I apply for the grants? Is there a different way to apply for the grant?

    Dustin Conner
    Gun Barrel City Fire Dept.

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    As my Senator, he hasn't help too much with "my" grants, but he does have a nice page for grants. Here it is:

    In Indiana, we can go through the Indiana Department of Commerce for equipment (new stations also). I think they get their money from the Federal Department of Commerce. Try there.

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    Default GRASS TRUCK

    Hi Dustin,

    You might inquire about the USDA rural developement, I don't know if you can qualify or not.

    All of our grass rigs are built in house using former military 5 ton 6X6s or used 4X4 cabs and chassis obtained from govt. surplus. I don't know what size you need, we are forced to use 800 - 1,000 gallon tanks.

    Anson, Tx

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    In this past year we were able to obtain through Arizona State Lands Dept. a low mileage military surplus 2.5-ton 6x6 that we had painted and set up with a 800 gallon tank w/quick dump, a 125 GPM pump, a 300' booster reel and two tool storage boxes. Total cost was $27,000 that we were able to get through a BLM, state administered, grant program. Made an excellent Type 3x brush truck.

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