FFT,As I stated earlier in the thread,we had two Dewalt cordless that the gearboxes exploded on.Now these were on two Demo saws we were beta testing.We sent them back to Dewalt along with a nastygram.I suspect some changes were made in this area.I agree that cordless have their place but not in my Dept.And that particular issue has nothing to do with any issue except batteries.But again, I ask that anyone considering a Recip saw for rescue work look at two things;Amps and weight.Amps,regardless of power source is where you get the ability to work the tool with results,and weight;lightweight components(in recip saws)equal less durability;a heavier saw will GENERALLY have better motors and transmission components.We use corded saws exclusively,multiple power sources,firepower shielded cord systems,and lack of battery maintaince issues are all contributing factors.I know Dewalt makes good stuff,after all their battery pack powers Holmatro's SCRT.But to make the blanket statement(Which you didn't make)that Dewalts cordless saw is God's answer to vehicle rescue work;I don't buy it and I've got conclusive evidence that just isn't so.And I started my career in vehicle rescue when the only "power tools" were a porto power and a diamond hacksaw.We've evolved a bit from that,thankfully.T.C.