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    Default North SCBA?

    I was on ebay and I almost bid on a North SCBA, because I have never heard of one?

    Has anybody heard of such a brand?
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    My department had North scba for one year. They were the low bid to replace our old Scott 2A's when they were contaminated at a fire.

    North SCBA is the most non user friendly unit I have ever encountered. They were constantly freezing up in cold weather, blew O rings like there was no tomorrow and the harnesses were not comfortable to wear for extended periods.

    Another fire in a chemical plant contaminated those...and we got Scott 4.5's out of that. Those units have been retired and now we have the new Scott 50's with integrated PASS and buddy breathing.
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    Had 'em on the Haz mat truck.Like Gonzo says,I wouldn't call them the most user friendly pack I ever used.Hisstorry now,T.C.

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