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    I only know of some problems with seatbelt pretensioners during extrication (training) with no injuries and of some airbag explosions during vehicle fires.

    That's me- I've cut through a pretensioner in an actual extrication.

    It made a bang (reasonably loud- not a a gun shot type loud, though) and a loud hiss. (I'm assuming the propellant??)

    In talking with a rescuer in the vehicle at the time who was assisting with in line immobilisatiion of the casualty, it was fairly loud in the car...

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    JorgHeck, thank you for the information on the picture credits. I will add it to my notes.
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    Hello, I was reading the thread and I am doing some training on airbags at our department. I saw the video of the airbag going off on TV recently and emailed the TV station but got no response. Viewing this thread I noticed that there is two videos spoken about where this happened, one of them involved a fire. If anyone knows where I could get a copy of these videos emailed to me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! tsweeney@new.rr.com

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