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    Default Silo Fire Info Needed

    Hello Folks, I was tasked with preparing a PowerPoint for my entire battalion on silo fires. If you can help, please E Mail me with short but detailed tips, lessons learned, silo construction, silo fire photos, close calls, what to look for, how to attack. Any constructive info would be great. Thanks and stay safe. vbfdladder11@cox.net

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    Try FARMMEDIC's Website. When I took the class in the mid 90's they had a great deal of info on silo hazards.
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    This months Fire Engineering has a short blurb on Silo fires in the back. The synopsis is simple. Don't fight them. It is way too dangerous.

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    Oxygen reducing silos are not to be fooled with. Your best bet is to secure the area around it and maintain a stand-by crew. Water in such a silo will create a blast not soon to be forgotten. Keep them closed. These silos are often times concrete...or navy blue and steel in construction. A generic name locally is a "Harvestore". DO NOT ENTER!! An SCBA failure spells certain, instant death. Any "rescue" is going to be a recovery.

    Regular silos are not extinguished easily and, to be quite honest, IMHO it is a waste of time to try. If possible, have the farmer unload the thing and you can put out the pile.
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    A generic name locally is a "Harvestore"
    They named them after hwoods?

    I thought all those age cracks folks made were just jokes!

    On a serious note, those things would scare the crap outta me. We don't have any around here and I hope we never get one.

    NIOSH has a small report on a silo explosion that talks about some of the dangers.

    USFA has two technical reports,
    TR-096 , which covers the general dangers of silo fires and TR-122, which discusses a North Carolina silo explosion.

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    Check with some of your local insurance people we no longer fight them. After dumping all that water in non of the feed inside is able to be sold. Costs insurance people more to empty the silo, take down damaged part, clean undamaged part (if any) and rebuild to put back into service. Local insurance guy would just like to see it burn (even if it takes years to do so) and give the farmer the money to build all new, cost is much less.

    Safty on our part is much better also. Ends up a win/win deal...
    Be Safe but Have fun

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