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    Exclamation (2003) 4D INT vs 4D FREIGHTLINER M2 CHASSIS

    Need any and all thoughts on these 2 chassis's including driving/handling, roominess on inside, dependability, etc.... This is reference to the CENTRAL STATES/ROSENBAUER thread. We are down to these 2 and need info QUICK!!! Thanx in advance.

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    We have freightliner FL80 chassis on our E1 pumper and E1 pumper-tanker and they have been very good. The pumper is now 11 years old and the pumper-tanker is 10 years old, and they have been very good. The Cummins 300hp/Allison 3060 combo has been very reliable for us. The freightliners have a few little details that can be annoying, sticking door latches comes to mind.

    Something to consider with Commercial vs Custom chassis is the turning radious. The new freightliners M2 for the fire service are supposed to have more cramp angle, but typically you have to have a longer wheelbase for a commercial cab vehicle. For a pumper-tanker this is not necessarily a bad thing, a little more wheel base can make it more stable. For a pumper that has to get in and out of tight spaces, especially if you choose a crew cab, you will can be hampered by the extra length.

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    Default International vs Freightliner


    Firstly, I believe both Mfg’s products are very good and choosing either of the two would not be a mistake. It really comes down to only a few items. Number one being the local International - Freightliner dealer and the quality of their overall customer service & reputation.

    Your engine choices are limited with both MFG's in their Class 7 models. The IH 4400 & 7400 models your only engine choice is the DT 466 & 530/570, which have an excellent track record for reliability and performance. The M2 you have the choice of Mercedes or Cat engines and I believe they will soon be offering Cummins power i.e. ISC or ISL. When it comes down to engine choices in my opinion. I think your best bet is to stay with motors that have the longest track record in the US market. Those Manufactured by International, Cummins, Cat and Detroit. The Mercedes motors I'm sure are very reliable, but in my opinion have not been produced/serviced long enough in the US market for me to feel totally comfortable with parts and service support when your truck gets to the 10 - 15 year old mark, regardless of the discounts being offered.

    Finally, I would suggest that you visit your local International and Freightliner dealer and look both models over first hand. See if you can take them for a test drive and make the judgment yourself. You can also get a feel for the type of people running the dealership and their responsiveness to customers. Ultimately, you’ll have to deal with the chassis MFG/dealer sometime down the road no matter who sells you the apparatus body. It is just as important to do your homework on the Chassis MFG/dealer, as it is the Body MFG/dealer.

    I usually lean a bit towards the IH products, but my final decision would ultimately be dictated by the quality of the local dealer.

    Good luck with your upcoming purchase.

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