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    Question Driver Training with trailer

    I am going to be teaching an EVOC course for our dispatch center. We have a mobile command post that is an old type III ambulance. We also have a 10'L x 8'W trailer that we pull behind it that has a generator and other miscellaneous equipment. I cannot find any information on a course that incorporates the trailer. Any help would be greatle appreciated.


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    We have followed the same basic training a semi driver goes through. From what I have observed it takes a very good driver to handle the trailer, and for the most part we do NOT drive hot with the trailer. It is way too easy to get yourself in trouble. A trailer is not a semi trailer. I would seriously consider restricting the drivers and not letting the trailer go hot.

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    I do CDL as well as EVOC training and am not aware of any EVOC class involving utility trailers. I'm thinking maybe no one ever thought it was a good idea to run these small trailers in emergency response.
    ADSNWFLD has made some good points. I'm betting that trailer has no service brakes and the extra weight shoving from behind doesn't help when you have to make an emergency stop. Additionally, when quick stopping a short trailer, stability is a real concern, especially if the weight is distributed poorly or the roadway is wet. A jackknife can get ugly! IS there any gear on board that trailer that justifies an emergency response rather than just a prompt one? If not, make haste slowly! You would be better served if you trained and tested drivers for trailer proficency rather than fast operation and allow only those who qualify to pull the unit.

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